About Us

Pristine Jewellery, Inspired By African Cultures

Based in Australia, Qashti is an African-inspired brand that offers a broad range of stunning gold-plated and sterling silver jewellery. The essence of our brand is deeply rooted in the origin of its name, "Qashti," which translates to "luxury" in the Oromo language. 

Qashti is the vision of our founder, Sifan, a woman passionate about cultural preservation by creating purposeful jewellery. Through Qashti, she aims to share the significance of African cultures.

Authentic By Design

Our uniqueness comes from our dedication to creating African jewellery for the modern man and woman, specially designed to elevate their ensemble while embodying the essence of the motherland cultures. We draw our inspiration from over 3000 ethnic groups across the African continent, giving our customers across the globe a variety of cultural designs and styles to choose from. 

All of our pieces are made from the finest material, sourced from trusted suppliers, allowing us to offer you quality African jewellery, without any compromises.

Our Mission Is Simple, To Create Jewellery That Is Meaningful And Purposeful

We hope our jewellery reminds you of our cosmic connection and accompanies you through your life’s journey as we continue to make contemporary African jewellery accessible by showcasing the beauty and depth of African cultures.