February 21, 2024

Autumn Addition: A Guide To Simple Living

By Sifan Boru

As autumn graces us with its stunning gold and amber hues, here at Qashti, we've been exploring laid-back habits that seamlessly fit into our daily routine, and we're thrilled to share a couple with you.

Wander Through Falling Leaves | Your choice of walking location plays a significant role in both your physical and mental well-being. Scientifically proven, taking a stroll in green areas surrounded by nature not only boosts creativity and tranquility but also enhances your immune system. Opt for the scenic route to your destination every time! Pay attention to your surroundings, breathe in the fragrant air, and truly listen to the sounds around you. This will make your walk more meditative, even if you're chatting with your friends along the way, ensuring a reconnection with nature.

Make Your Space Cozy with Earthy Vibes | Infuse your surroundings with cozy vibes by draping warm-toned blankets, introducing rustic decor, and setting a calming mood with the soft glow of candles. It's not just about making it visually appealing; it transforms your space into a laid-back spot where you can truly unwind and connect with yourself and loved ones.

Treat Yourself | Delve into the delectable flavours of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple cider. Whether you're sipping on a steaming cup of spiced tea or relishing the goodness of a freshly baked pumpkin treat, relish in these simple pleasures.

Nature's Touch in Home Decor | Enhancing indoor air quality economically involves incorporating a few plants. Numerous studies indicate that plants not only effectively purify the air from toxic vapours but also contribute to stress reduction. Consider these plants as your main source of decoration! If you, like me, tend to forget watering, rest assured; there are plenty of hardy options. Peace Lilly, Spider plants, ZZ Plant, Dracaena Marginata, Bambo palm, and Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica) thrive with minimal care!

Mindfulness | The concept of ‘being present’ can be challenging, especially amidst the constant mental buzz of work, to-do lists and social media. A practical method to foster presence is actively acknowledging your senses in action. At least three times a day, take a moment to observe the sounds, scents, visuals, flavours, and tactile sensations throughout your day, either internally or verbally. This practice serves as a grounding technique, anchoring you in the current moment/ and physical body amid the chaos of daily life.