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Sankofa Pendant

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Sankofa means "go back and retrieve it." It’s depicted as a mythical bird with its feet firmly planted in front of it, flying forwards while looking backward. The egg in its mouth symbolises the gems or knowledge of the past, and thus the teachings of Sankofa centre around this: to know your history and heritage is to know your current self and the world around you. This symbol reminds us that we must go back to our past and bring forward what is useful in order to live fulfilled lives as we continue our journey.




- 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium plated
- Cubic zirconia


- 10mm pendant
- 45cm Curb Chain

Care instructions

Clean your rhodium plated jewellery using warm water and mild dish soap. After dry immediately and polish with a soft towel to restore its lustre. AVIOD using ammonia based chemicals or any kind of abrasives items on your rhodium plated jewellery.