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Duafe Comb Ring

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Duafe speaks to me of feminine energy, grace and beauty. 

Traditionally Adinkra symbols were printed on handwoven fabrics and arranged in bespoke patterns, revealing a story about the wearer able to be read by those knowledgeable enough to understand the underlying messages.

Each symbol is a visual representation of deeply rooted proverbs, morals, ethics, ideas, concepts and behaviours that govern Akan society.

Culturally meaningful and purposeful, these symbols, reflect on our human experiences.  


- 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium plated
- Cubic Zirconia



Care instructions

Clean your rhodium plated jewellery using warm water and mild dish soap. After dry immediately and polish with a soft towel to restore its lustre. AVIOD using ammonia based chemicals or any kind of abrasives items on your rhodium plated jewellery.

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