At Qashti, We Believe In Treating Our Planet With Kindness

We believe that making small differences collectively can make a significant change and contribute to saving our planet. In this light, we at Qashti have made it our mission to play a part in making a change by keeping our packaging environmentally friendly.

Recyclable. Sustainable. Environmentally Conscious

As an eco-friendly African jewellery brand, we integrate recyclable and biodegradable packaging solutions to minimise our carbon footprint while giving our customers something beautiful to nurture.

All our business cards, thank you notes and jewellery care cards are made from post-consumer material, embedded with chamomile tea and mixed lettuce seeds. So alongside your beautiful eye catching jewellery, you can look forward to receiving seedlings to grow and eat. All international orders are packed in eco-friendly, compostable mailers.

Grow Your Plants Quickly And Easily In 4 Steps

Depending on the weather conditions at the time of planting, you can grow chamomile and mixed lettuce plant either indoors or outdoors. However, we strongly recommend that you place them in a location where they can bloom under sunlight or a partial shade.

Preparing The Pot

  • Fill two-thirds of your plant pot with good quality potting soil and tamp down the dirt.
  • Add more soil to fill up the pot until it’s full but without overflowing.

Planting The Paper

  • Place your plantable paper on top of the soil in your pot.
  • Cover it with a 1/8-inch (3 millimetres) layer of soil and gently push it down.

Nurturing Your Plant

  • After planting your paper in your pot, water it thoroughly enough to keep both the paper and the soil moist without being drenched.
  • To ensure that your camomile/mixed lettuce plant germinates, keep the paper moist at all times for the first 10 days.
  • Once sprouts develop, keep the paper moist without overwatering and water as needed when the plant starts appearing. 

we only ship our seeded business cards in Melbourne.